Only an alert mind can solve this brain teaser in under 9 seconds

Examples of these include optical illusions and tests which improve the brain’s ability to interpret and perceive visual information accurately.

However, some brain teasers can leave people more baffled than others, for example, can you solve this brain teaser in under nine seconds?

The test is to find the O in a sea of Ds.

According to some experts, an alert mind will be able to spot the hidden O within nine seconds.

In the brain teaser there are 7 rows and 9 columns of the letter D. To find the hidden O within the time limit a person must scan quickly through all the rows and columns.

This brain teaser is an example of a puzzle which tests a person’s observational skills as opposed to their mathematical or analytical skills.

While a simple flight of fun or a brief distraction for many, brain teasers can be a great way to spend five minutes testing your brain, and this cerebral health can have long-term benefits.

The healthier the brain is, the lower the risk of a person developing a neurodegenerative disorder such as dementia.

Although other factors can have an impact on dementia risk, some experts have found maintaining the health of the brain can have a significant impact in both the short and long term.

This week is Dementia Action Week, during this week there is greater awareness of dementia and all its different forms.

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