Only one in three people can spot the diamond in under 30 seconds

The test is to find the ring amongst the rocks. The scene is a rocky hillside interspersed with shrubbery.

Your task is to find the wedding ring nestled amongst the rocks.

According to the people behind this brain teaser, Chisholm Hunter, only one in three people can spot the hidden diamond in under 30 seconds. They added that the average time to solve it is around 40 seconds.

Furthermore, while you search for the shining diamond, some experts suggest brain teasers could have long as well as short-term benefits.

Did you find the diamond? If not, don’t worry, we’ve circled the answer below.

Although brain teasers may take up just a few seconds of your time on a commute or in a quiet moment, some experts suggest they and other mental exercises such as crosswords could help you in the long run.

There is some evidence to suggest from a few studies that little brain exercises could reduce your risk of developing degenerative neurological conditions such as dementia.

The reason for this is that the brain is a muscle, and like every muscle, it needs to be exercised to keep it healthy. The more effective the exercise, in conjunction with a healthy diet, the healthier the brain will be.

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