Only people with a high IQ can spot the odd letter in time

Brain teasers are a great way to stimulate the mind and improve your intelligence. Experts say brain teasers can help improve your cognitive ability, your problem-solving skills and help you focus on other tasks.

Many also find them to be a great way to relax and improve their mood.

Ultimately, however, the more competitive amongst you use brain teasers to impress friends and put your wits against other people.

JagranJosh has recently shared one brain teaser that requires you to find the hidden letter amongst lines of X’s and K’s.

Hidden within the five rows of X’s and K’s is a rogue letter, requiring you to scan the lines to spot the odd one out.

While this may sound simple, JagranJosh says that those with a high IQ will complete the task within 13 seconds.

Have a go, and if you want the answer, you can find it below.

JagranJosh has also shared other puzzles you can try if you were able to spot the odd letter within the X’s and K’s.

In one game, you can try to find the correctly spelled word here.

Another puzzle challenges you to spot five specific items within an image of three people and a dog. To earn the status of “genius”, complete this one in 15 seconds.

Or, you can try and find out your worst personality traits with this optical illusion.

In this puzzle, challenge yourself to find the panda among the humans within seven seconds.

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