Only those with a high IQ can solve this brain teaser

The brain teaser, created by Bright Side asks you to explain the strange behaviour of a resident in a block of flats.

They said: “A person lives on the 14th floor. When she goes downstairs, she always goes to the first floor.

“When she goes upstairs she only goes to the 10th floor and from the 10th floor she uses the stairs. However, when she’s in the elevator with someone, or when it’s rainy, she always goes directly to the 14th floor. How can this weird behaviour be explained?”

Take as long as you need to think about the answer to this tricky brain teaser which could have more than one benefit.

Did you get the answer? No worries if not, the answer is below.

As well as providing a break or brief distraction, brain teasers and other brain puzzles such as crosswords or sudokus could have long-term benefits.

According to some experts, regular brain teasers and tests help to keep the brain healthier and, as a result, could reduce your risk of developing a neurodegenerative condition such as dementia.

While other factors such as lifestyle can have an impact on dementia risk, keeping the mind active is essential to keeping it fresh and healthy.

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