Only those with eagle eyes can solve this brainteaser in under eight seconds

Are you in the top one percent of people who can beat this brainteaser?

What’s obvious is the sitting pauper asking for alms from a standing rich man.

But the pauper has three children, all of whom are near their father.

Only one percent of people in the world can find all of them in just eight seconds or less.

Try concentrating near the pauper and where he’s sitting in the image if you are stuck.

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Could you find all three?

Brainteasers are a great way to test the mind and can be done in a quiet moment on a commute or in a waiting room.

They can also be calming activities used to challenge yourself. They are popular for families and children and people who want to keep their mind active as they get older.

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The games could also have long-term health benefits by helping to keep the brain healthier for longer.

They stimulate cognitive ability and create bursts of intense focus, reinforcing the bond between cells to improve brain health and memory.

Doing brainteasers is not guaranteed to reduce your risk of developing degenerative conditions, but they could help keep the brain in better shape.

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