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    Notorious OnlyFans activist Vegan Booty is at it again, laying flowers in the meet isle of a supermarket as she brands Christmas 'a holocaust'.

    This latest stunt by the Melbourne-based full-time animal rights activist, real name Tash Peterson, saw her put photographs of dying piglets alongside flowers in the meat section in a supermarket.

    In a heavily-worded statement, she called animals 'non-human people' and described the conditions inside an Australian piggery where she said "pigs are forced into CO2 gas chambers at six months of age."

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    She wrote: "Christmas is a HOLOCAUST. In fact, the mass murder of non-human people in the meat, dairy, egg, honey, leather, wool, fur, down, scale, animal entertainment, racing, breeding, testing etc. industries is the largest holocaust in history.

    "Three trillion non- human people are murdered each year for human food consumption alone.

    "Will your Christmas and beyond be filled with the bodies of murder victims, the milk from mothers who were raped, had their babies kidnapped from them and murdered (if they're born male), and the eggs from enslaved chickens who's male babies were macerated alive the day they were born?"

    Peterson, who has been arrested several times for her activism, continued: "End the rape, enslavement, torture, abuse and murder of other species today by living vegan. See what these industries are trying to hide from you: watchdominion.com

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    "Note: all footage taken was from Jack Higgs and myself inside an Australian piggery and outside Australian murderhouses where pigs are forced into CO2 gas chambers at six months of age."

    It comes after a September stunt in which she laid topless inside of a cardboard box covered in fake blood and sealed with a clear sheet of plastic to mimic the packaging of raw meat, in Sydney's busy Pitt Street Mall.

    The 28-year-old is known to catch the public's attention wearing little to no clothes and drenched in fake blood in a bid to shock people into avoiding animal products.

    She revealed on her OnlyFans account that she had never worn lingerie until last year and only started the account to help her become a full-time rights activist.

    Some of her other stunts involved holding a faux severed pig head doused in blood outside of a Melbourne butcher, receiving a barrage of verbal abuse from the small business owner.

    In June, she took to Bourke St Mall wearing nothing but nude briefs, nipple covers and carrying a stuffed toy that resembled a baby lamb covered in blood.

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