OnlyFans ‘Princess Diana lookalike’ offers racy ‘half price’ therapy for Harry

A “posh totty” OnlyFans star who is earning staggering sums by playing out punters’ pervy Princess Diana fantasies, says it’s clear that Prince Harry has “mummy issues”.

Lauren Spencer says she’s happy to help the Spare author work through his problems… at a 50% discount on her X-rated services.

Following Harry's revelation that he “didn’t believe” his mother had actually died in that fateful crash in 1997, Lauren says conspiracy theorists have questioned her identity

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She said: “More people than ever are comparing me to Diana and asking if I am her sister, or if I'm actually her and it was all a big hoax”.

And, she adds, when she met Diana’s former lover James Hewitt, he “looked like he had seen a ghost”.

Lauren, 47, says people have been telling her for years that she's the spitting image of Prince Harry ’s mum , but it’s only recently that she’s decided to cash in on the resemblance.

“One guy said ‘you need a DNA test as you're in the bloodline for sure!’. Strangely I'm unaware of who my birth mother is, but as you know, my father is from Windsor!

In her royal role-play sessions on OnlyFans punters pay Lauren to pretend they are either Prince William or Harry engaging in incestuous activity.

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It is, she admires, “pretty weird”.

But the “Poundland Diana,” who says she earns over £200,000 a year from her resemblance to the late princess, sees no reason to stop.

She told the Daily Star: “Having read some of "Spare", I suspect Harry has some ‘Mummy Issues,’ and who better to help him than me?

“Actually, I've decided as most book stores are offering a 50% discount on his book, I'm prepared – for Harry only – to offer a 50% discount on my page to help him deal with his issues”.

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Lauren says that she’s spoken to several of her OnlyFans subscribers about Harry’s controversial book.

“Some of my subscribers sympathise with Harry,” she says, “whilst others feel he's being manipulated to generate income”.

But one thing’s for sure, Lauren says: “if everything was hunky dory with his family, there would be no need to write the book!”.

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Lauren adds that Harry is clearly working though some problems: “Diana didn't see Harry as a 'Spare' and I doubt his family do either, but he now sees himself that way for some reason”.

And the OnlyFans performer is sure she’s the right person to help: “I have chatted on webcam with a couple of famous faces in the past, and always keep identities 100% confidential, so Harry would be safe to join my OnlyFans and now I'm offering him the discount I'm sure he'll sign up”.

But, she laughs, “I guess that will be up to Meghan”.

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Lauren has never met a member of the royal family in the flesh, but she has done the next best thing: “Approximately, three to four years ago, I actually bumped in to James Hewitt at a party in Devon,” she says.

“He genuinely looked like he had seen a ghost, and he did try to approach me, but the woman that he was with pulled him away”.

So she may never know how people who were close to the late princess feel about her bizarre career choice: "Some people will say it's disrespectful but you know actually, the blokes who ask for it say it's because they loved her so much and they fancied her so much, that they found it an …accessible Poundland Diana shall we say”


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