OnlyFans star claims Mercedes ‘torched on TikTok’ and he knows who did it

A rapper and OnlyFans star has claimed that he knows who set his flashy Mercedes alight after a strange TikTok video emerged of the blaze.

Lil Sick, from Australia, reportedly had his silver Merc torched at around 12.20pm on December 21 in a busy tourist spot in the state of Queensland.

Fire and Emergency Services were called to Ferny Avenue in Surfers Paradise where they found the expensive motor up in flames.

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"It is just a material thing that you can replace," Sick told the Gold Coast Bulletin after a video emerged of the car in its final moments.

The rapper, who also has an OnlyFans account, posted footage of the blaze to his TikTok account and the person recording the scene could be heard eerily laughing in the background.

Despite this, Sick said he won't "dob" them in. The words 'Pay your tick [debt] #lilsick' were overlayed on the clip.

“Insurance jobs by Sickie,” one TikTok comment read, but the rapper refuted the claim, replying "nah".

“No way did someone burn your car,” wrote another person.

The rapper has a little over 16,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. This is said to be worth a measly £50 a month to the musician, whose tracklist includes the single Sick Carnt.

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In November, he said he got permanently banned from going live on TikTok "for teaching people how to make girls squirt".

In September, addressing female OnyFans users, he wrote on Facebook: "If you didn’t have OnlyFans you would have nothing else to offer the world."

But in August he was feeling broody, writing: "Lately iv been thinking about throwing all this away and focusing on raising my kids.. that’s the only thing that’s real to me [sic]".

The rapper supplements his income with OnlyFans, charging subscribers £14 per month to see his content.


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