A top ghost-hunting group were left in hysterics after a member was called a "bawbag" by a spirit while they were conducting a paranormal investigation.

The expert team at The Scottish Ghost Company (TSGC), one of Scotland's top ghost events companies, were investigating at a Parish Church in Elvanfoot when they made contact with a spirit using a special piece of equipment.

Event host and investigator Yvonne Hydes, was on the trip with lead medium David McCabe and fellow investigator and photographer, Ronnie Murphy, at the abandoned church – known locally as the Hoarder's Church – when the voice could clearly be heard through a piece of equipment known as a spirit box hurling insults at them.

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Speaking to the Daily Record, Yvonne said: "When we switched to our EVP/Spirit box session, we started to hear a lot of swear words.

"The one that shocked me but made me laugh was 'yer a bawbag', which came through very clearly.

"We still don’t know who this was aimed at, but as it's a very Scottish term for the male anatomy, I’m assuming it was for Ronnie or David.

"We're still not sure who the spirit was that shouted it but this Scottish term of endearment has been used for decades.

"We do get called A LOT of swear words through the spirit box but this is a first for us. We found this particular one hilarious."

The trio have a long history of interest in the supernatural, with Yvonne, a former nurse explaining that her time spent working in one of Scotland's notoriously haunted hospitals strengthened her belief in the afterlife after hearing and seeing some strange things on the wards.

With over twenty crew members spread all across Scotland and the north of England, the group has experience in the area of paranormal investigations dating back decades.

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Using a mixture of modern and traditional ghost hunting techniques to seek out the supernatural, Yvonne said they are always respectful of both the surroundings and the spirits themselves.

They usually attempt to communicate with any spirits to hear their life stories and to try to understand why they are still here.

The group will be posting up new dates for next year on their website and Facebook in the coming months.


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