Parents can now monitors where their children are on new app

Parents can now have eyes in back of their watches as new app monitors where their children are in real time

  • Location data can be saved for up to a month so that children can be monitored 
  • Alerts can also be sent out by those wearing a watch if they feel in danger

It sounds like every rebellious teenager’s worst nightmare.

But a new Find My Kids feature on the Apple Watch will be welcomed by many worried mothers and fathers.

The tech giant has added the app so that parents can keep track of their offspring in real time.

It will also save their historical location data for up to a month – enabling those of a more suspicious nature to check exactly what their kids have been up to.

The safety feature also works the other way, with children able to alert their parents if they feel in danger.

Children wearing an Apple Watch can now be tracked in real time by parents (file image) 

By pressing the SOS button on the Apple Watch, they can send an alert to their parent’s phone with their location.

The app itself has been created by a third-party developer and is the first of its kind to be approved for use outside of Apple’s ecosystem.

It means as long as the child has an Apple watch, the parent can use any smartphone brand to keep track of their location.

The app is used by more than three million parents on other smartwatches, the US firm behind its creation has said.  

Once installed on an Apple Watch, it works autonomously – with or without the child’s phone connected.

The US firm behind it has, which recommends it for children aged six and above, adds that it can also motivates the wearer to keep fit.

The app has a gamified Pedometer which encourages children to walk more throughout the day, it said

Chief executive Vadikh Giniatulin said: ‘Our company’s mission is to make sure parents raise happy kids in a safe environment. We’re trying to make our app accessible for both parents and kids, so the new Apple Watch version will greatly benefit both sides of our users.

‘We’re constantly ensuring the best performance of our product, so any integration with the latest gadgets is just a matter of time.’

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