A shark has been found perfectly frozen after it washed up on an icy beach.

The animal was discovered on the rightly named, Cold Storage Beach, in Massachusetts, US over the weekend.

A local photographer spotted the carcass while taking a stroll across the frozen bay, at around 2.30pm.

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Amie Medeiros snapped a picture of the frozen fiend and posted it to her Instagram account.

She said in the post the shark was “not what I was expecting to find on my frozen winter adventure”.

According to CNN, it is understood that the animal is a porbeagle shark, and it may have died due to an injury to its side.

Wounds and gashed above its fin are visible in Amie’s photos.

The image also revealed that ice and frost covered the usually sandy beach after temperatures in the area dropped below freezing.

The publication added that shark sightings across Cape Cod waters peaked over the summer as people flocked to the beaches of the popular vacation spot.

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At one point several beaches across the East Coast were shut down due to the sightings and even some minor attacks.

The Daily Star also reported how a fisherman made a gruesome discovery that left locals terrified of what is lurking out in the water.

Liam Kenny reeled in a half-eaten stingray while fishing on Sunday (January 29) just off the shore of Swan River, Perth, Australia.

A mystery creature discarded the carcass after taking several "massive" bites from it.


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