Have you ever considered using a sex robot?

Some people think it's bizarre to have sex with artificial intelligence, while others are more tempted by the idea.

Researchers from Concordia University in Montreal have revealed the specific personality traits of people who are more willing to engage with these erotic technologies.

The study found that two traits, erotophilia and sexual sensation-seeking, were linked with openness to sex robots.

People with the erotophilia trait often associate sex with positive feelings.

Simon Dubé, lead researcher of the study, said: “It’s extremely important to understand who the first users are and where the initial demand is coming from.

“The companies that make them need to know in order to adjust and develop these technologies.”

These findings were based on the responses of nearly 500 adults via an online survey, who were quizzed on their attitudes towards sex robots.

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Their personalities were measured using the Big Five model, which includes the overarching traits of openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and extraversion.

Dubé explained: “Personality assessments help us predict people’s likely thoughts, emotions and behaviours across all kinds of situations, including those regarding their sexuality — and in this case, their willingness to engage with new erotic technologies such as sex robots.”

Researchers also added another model, which measured both positive attitudes towards newness and a desire to have new erotic experiences.

This allowed them to explore traits related to erotophilia/phobia, technophilia/phobia, positive or negative attitudes towards sex and technology, and traits linked to sexual sensation-seeking.

Dubé said: “We found that erotophilia and sexual sensation–seeking, as well as an enthusiasm for new, diverse or more intense erotic experiences, were the primary drivers behind people’s willingness to engage with these new technologies.

“Technophilia and non-sexual sensation–seeking were also correlated, but only weakly.”

The expert added that across the board, men appear more interested in sex robots than woman.

They also noted that respondents who identified as gender nonconforming or nonbinary had similar patterns of interest as cis-identifying males.

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