A woman says she was left seriously spooked after secretly filming her dog staring at her wardrobe while it opened and closed by an unseen force.

The creepy tale comes after a woman reckons she spotted a ghost taking off her dog's collar in footage captured by her pet cam.

In this latest clip, recorded and shared on TikTok by Jemma Lauren Fisher with the hashtags "spooky" and "ghost", her cute dog is transfixed by the wardrobe.

As the pooch stares at the mirrored door, it slowly opens closes, freaking out the pet.

The dog then backs up as the wardrobe begins to shudder in an erratic way and Lauren says she is "scared to sleep" after watching the footage back.

In the caption, she explains: "My dog kept acting strange around my wardrobe in my new house so I decided to set up my phone recording. I'm scared to sleep now."

The video was watched more than 2.7 million times and divided viewers – with some straight-up convinced it was ghosts and others believing it was a hoax.

One spooked user said: "I can't watch this right now. I have the same type of closet in front of my bed. I can't do this."

Another viewer shared: "I absolutely hate mirror doors like these.

"I was in a house in Australia that had these and I had a spiritual encounter."

Someone else argued: "If it was a ghost the dog would be going mad, I lived in a haunted house for 13 years and they growl like they are under attack, and my cats used to cry."

Another commented: "You're just inside the closet moving it back and forth.

"Ghosts aren't real and people who try to prove they are need to understand that."

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