An alarm clock by electronics giant Philips has prompted users to question its design with many suggesting it looks like it could be a sex toy.

The Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light features a hole in the middle of the design, prompting numerous users on social media to wonder what the hole is for and the reasons behind the design.

Twitter user @exodotpet posted an image of the alarm clock and questioned the “squishy” looking material on the front.

She wrote: “Never before have I seen such a supple and plump alarm clock. why did philips make it look so slick, squishy, and in heat.”

Her post went viral after reaching over 99,000 likes on the social media platform and saw dozens joining in on questioning the design with some comparing it to a ‘fleshlight’.

One user wrote: “Now I gotta take the alarm clock with me when I leave the house cuz my man can’t be trusted.”

While another one joked: “That is the weirdest looking fleshlight..wonder how good it works. Even tells the time so you can get some practice in.”

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The clock was not just ridiculed on Twitter but customers on Amazon have also poked fun at the design.

Numerous customers asked if it had a vibrate function and others asked if it was ok to put lube on it.

One question even got a response from manufacturer Philips North America LLC, which read: “Hello! No, it does not vibrate and lube is not needed. Philips SmartSleep HF3650/60 is used to help you have a refreshed wake-up and relaxed feeling before sleeping.”

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However, one user got straight to the point and asked Philips what the hole is for.

Replying on Amazon, a member of Philips Customer Care team wrote: “The hole in the middle of the device is purely a design decision, and it doesn't have a very secret function (winking face).

“I hope that helps, but please know that my colleagues and I are happy to discuss any additional questions with you.”

Philips have been contacted for comment.

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