Police have warned shop staff to be on the lookout for children buying large quantities of baked beans.

It follows the emergence of a new TikTok trend called “beaning,” which involve smearing the contents of a can of beans over vars, doorhandles, or in some cases driveways.

West Yorkshire Police has also urged parents to make sure their kids aren’t taking beans out with them.

PCSO Michelle Owens said: "It has come to the attention of the police that a new trend has started by groups of youths called 'beaning'.

"This involves youths throwing the contents of a can of beans over properties, very similar to the trend of throwing eggs at properties."

"If you work in a shop," she added, "please can you be aware of youths buying large quantities of cans of beans, if you have children living at home, please be mindful if you see them removing cans of beans from the family home."

TikTok has been the spawning-ground for dozens of pointless and occasionally dangerous “challenges,” such as the “Penny Challenge” which saw kids starting electrical fires by connecting a penny to a live mains socket and the “Skullbreaker Challenge” which encouraged impressionable TikTok users to try to injure their friends with a cruel trick.

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The “challenge” on the video sharing site most likely to cause death or serious injury was the “The cha-cha slide challenge” which encouraged users to swerve a car all over the road while filming it.

In several cases, TikTok moderators added a warning the uploaded "cha-cha slide" clips which read “The action in this video could result in serious injury”. They didn’t, however, take the clips down.

By contrast, the “beaning” challenge is comparatively safe, albeit wasteful and annoying.

Last month, Surrey police reported that the village of Wonersh had been terrorised by so-called bean bandits.

A Surrey Police spokesperson said: ‘Local officers have received reports of incidents in Wonersh where beans and other food has been poured onto residents’ front doors and cars overnight.

‘The victims are understandably distressed by this unacceptable behaviour.’

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