Pornhub unveils favourite categories by UK area and some are disgusting

Pornhub has revealed its users' dirtiest secrets and unveiled the top categories in different parts of the UK.

The popular porn site has created a map of the UK revealing the top categories, which include solo male, strap-on, and even pissing.

Pornhub explained that the results are based on the more than 100 "specified genres" that all its videos are sorted into, LadBible reported.

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The site explained: "Relative searches indicate what locals are more likely to type into the search box compared to their neighbours.

"These terms are all within the Top 100 searches in the UK and make up a larger proportion of the total searches in each region when compared to the average popularity across the rest of the UK.

"The same categories are available in every part of the world, even when translated into local lingo

"Categories show the type of porn being watched by visitors who navigate Pornhub’s directories and watch recommended content without typing in manual searches."

So how do Brits like to get their kicks? This is what the results had to say.

In Scotland, users are 140% more likely to search for 'solo male' videos than in any other part of the UK.

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Hopping across the North Channel, randy viewers in Northern Ireland are a whopping 149% more likely to watch 'smoking' videos than other Brits.

In Wales, meanwhile, 'cosplay' is the most popular category.

Moving over to England, things start to get a bit more sordid.

Pornhub fans in the southeast are a whopping 138% more likely to get it on to a video involving "pissing" than anywhere else in the country, while the North East seems to love a good strap-on.

In the North West the top category, compared to other regions, was "British" – cue the sausage rolls!

Yorkshire and Humber prefer to do it the good old-fashioned way and love a bit of "vintage" porn, while the West Midlands are more inclined towards "BBW" videos – videos involving "Big Beautiful Women".

In the East Midlands, "fisting" came out on top as the most common search compared to other parts of the UK, while in East Anglia, a hand job was the number one search.

In Greater London, however, users were more likely to seek out "Indian" porn than any other part of the country.

Tickled Brits took to social media to share their thoughts on the results, with one user writing on Reddit: "Yorkshire & Humber enjoying the classics!"

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Another wasn't sure what "British" videos could be, guessing: "So is 'British' like regular sex, except the involved parties are eating beans on toast?"

A third added: "And Scotland is literally full of w***ers."

Last year, the UK had the second-most visits to the site of any country in the world, only being beaten out by the US.

The average Brit spent 9min 52secs on the site per visit, with the most popular three categories nationwide coming out as "lesbian", "MILF" and "hentai".


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