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Supposed spirits on a road with a "dark Satanic history" left a terrified mum calling priests to exorcise one from her home.

Lorna McDonald claims to have been bruised over her body by a demon, which scared her 22-year-old daughter so much that she moved out.

Priests have visited her Liverpool home multiple times in an attempt to banish the spirit she Lorna felt occupy her spare room, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Paranormal expert Tom Slemen says the area around Southbrook Road where Lorna lives has a "dark Satanic history."

In a previous interview with the ECHO, Tom said: “Southbrook Road derives its name from Childwall Brook, which once ran through the road on which 34 houses are now built, and the house which is purported to be the lair of the demon is situated on land which once belonged to the Ivy Farm –just one of the infamous spots where a sinister and ancient band of occultists known as the Lily White Boys used to hold their bonfire rituals.”

Lorna spoke to the newspaper about the spooky sightings at her home back in 2014, when she claims she was assaulted by a spirit who left her with bruising on her body.

She was left living alone in the house after her then 22-year-old daughter became too terrified to stay there.

She said her daughter's decision to leave came after a mysterious demonic shape appeared in a photograph taken in the room, and claims mirrors began to fly off the walls.

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Catholic Arch diocese leaders confirmed they had visited the semi-detached home, while Christian faith healers have also visited to analyse photographs for any signs of supernatural presence.

Speaking at the time, Mrs McDonald said: "It all started with noises. We had a mirror on the wall and I thought my daughter had dropped something on the wooden floor, but the mirror had started shaking.

“My mum won’t come here any more. Neighbours walk past and make the sign of the cross. I asked a man if he’d come and decorate and he asked if there’d be a priest there because he was too scared to come in the house.”

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A priest from a local church visited and blessed the house and said prayers which Mrs McDonald said included saying “I demand you leave your attachment to Lorna and kneel at the foot of the Lord, go to the place God has provided for you.”

The mum-of-two said while the priest was there a small statue of the Buddha suddenly flew across the room.

According to Mr Slemen, the land bounded by Belle Vale, Childwall Golf Course, Huyton, Court Hey and Page Moss has some sacred relevance to the Lily White Boys and several devil-worshipping cultists, as well as “Bloody Acre,” a mysterious tract of forbidden land that lies next to All Saints Church in Childwall.

He said: “I have a folder bulging with accounts of possessions, “moonlight murders” (including the unsolved 1961 Knotty Ash “Occult killing” of Maureen Dutton), and many other strange goings-on which stretch from the 16th century to the present day.

“So perhaps the Belle Vale Demon is merely the latest manifestation of an ancient supernatural menace?”

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