‘Psychic predicted my £12k lottery win – I wouldn’t have entered if not for her’

A woman who won more than £12,000 in the Postcode Lottery said a psychic had told her it would happen.

Elaine Thompson, from Middlesbrough, said she was told she was due to win money during a visit to the fortune teller shortly before she became one of 572 locals to share the impressive £10.2m jackpot.

But Elaine, 58, confessed she nearly hadn't won a share of the prize after cancelling her subscription to the lottery and only re-joined after speaking to the psychic.

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Elaine said: "The fortune teller predicted I was going to come into a significant amount of money.

"I’d just cancelled the Postcode Lottery. A few days later I reinstated the ticket.

"I can’t thank the clairvoyant enough – without her I would have missed out."

Asked what she would be doing with the tidy sum, former foster parent Elaine said she would be taking her family on a swanky holiday to celebrate.

"I will be spoiling my family and taking my daughters to Fuerteventura," she said.

Residents of the TS5 postcode who were signed up for the draw were told on Saturday (April 1) what they had won and celebrated their win with a party in the town square, where they were all presented with cheques.

They were told in advance they'd won a minimum of £4,000 each, but had no idea it would in fact be more than triple that until the day.

Seven lucky residents on Britain Avenue scooped £379,418 each, thanks to playing with the full winning postcode, while a further 565 in the area won prizes ranging from £12,050 to £72,300.

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Brian and Karen Wing, who also got lucky, scooped up the near £400,000 jackpot but initially believed the good news was a money-grabbing scheme.

Grandad Brian, 68, said: "I was sat in the pub while on holiday in Northumberland when I got a call.

"I didn’t believe it at first. You think it’s a scam.

"I didn’t even ring them back. Then I got a letter, and even then I wasn’t sure if it was real. You do not want to get your hopes up.

"To have won this amount of money is life-changing."

His wife, retired clerical typist Karen, 64, said the pair had plans to buy a campervan and travel around Scotland with their winnings.

"It’s still sinking in," she admitted.

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