Pub landlord says historic boozer is haunted by ghost obsessed with its jukebox

A landlord says a ghost is haunting his historic pub – with glasses whizzing across the room and the jukebox turning on by itself.

Jeremy Stirling, 62, said the spooky events at the Maiden's Head had mostly taken place in its converted attic, which is a B&B, leaving guests “freaked out”.

He said: “A woman said she was lying on the bed and the glass flew and hit the wall.

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“And one of the staff says that the jukebox has started playing music when it was switched off at the mains – Golden Brown by The Stranglers.

“We’ve also had two sets of car keys, which were in a locked room never accessed by staff, go missing. There was no rhyme nor reason.

“And then we had one lady sitting in the room watching TV, and a water glass exploded on the side.”

The Grade II listed inn, in Canterbury, Kent, officially dates back to 1446 – although Jeremy says it is even older and likely to have seen deaths.

He said: “It’s over 750 years old, so of course people must have passed away in the building over the years.”

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Builders renovating the attic into a B&B were the first to report a strange aura, he added.

“They couldn’t put their finger on it, but they said they didn’t feel right. There was a Polish lad that refused to go up there after a while. He went and got another job.”

He also said his cleaning lady had been left “a bit freaked” on occasions after suddenly feeling cold in the room, despite the central heating being turned on.

He added: “There must be an explanation for everything, but I can’t explain it.”


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