Putin warning: UK ‘top’ of Russia’s list to attack with water and power supplies targeted

Russia: James Peddell discusses cyber attacks

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Since Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine last month, Western powers have been announcing various lists of sanctions against the Russian president and his connections. The UK, in particular, has announced sanctions on over 1,000 Russian entities, and even pledged to completely phase out Russian gas by the end of the year. These punishing actions have led to growing fears that Putin will retaliate against the UK by launching a series of hostile malware and cyber attacks.

However, an expert has warned that aside from directly targeting major banks and companies in the UK, Putin may attempt to cause chaos and disruption in the water and electricity supply. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he issued a dire warning, saying: “The objective of these attacks is to cause disruption, confusion, fear and chaos. 

“So you immediately have to think about what services would cause disruption, confusion, fear and chaos in the population. 

“So of course, the first ones to be very aware of are critical infrastructure.

“This is the supply of electricity, energy, gas, water supply, etc to our household.”

Mr Lopez believes that targeted attacks on the UK are highly likely as a retaliation to the sanctions imposed on Russia.

He said: “From a UK perspective, we are leading the charge when it comes to sanctions, when it comes to strong narratives or the way in which we are condemning the Russian invasion. 

“So it very likely means that we are at the very top of the list when it comes to deploying cyber attacks.”

Mr Lopez warned that aside from targeting banks and businesses in the UK, Russian hackers could target critical infrastructure like household electricity and water supply, likely sparking terror. 

He said: “A very successful cyber attack would be one that brings down electricity for a number of hours or causes chaos in a number of utilities for hours. 

“Hospitals being shut down- it really is about thinking about every single public service and how it can be disrupted.

“In the very best eventuality it can be brought back up quickly, in the very worst eventuality it can last for a very long time, and can have very serious consequences on the population.”

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Mr Lopez believes that Russian hackers have been planning an assault on the UK and other western countries for months now, and intend to launch targeted strikes. 

He said: “Just like this invasion has been planned for months, state-sponsored Russian cyber attacks will have been planned for just the same amount of time. 

“Russia has known exactly how it’s going to attack for a very very long time. 

“Now it’s just a question of increasing the intensity, which could be targeted to one country, or multiple countries or targetted to the whole world at once.”

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