A real-life cowboy was filmed lassoing a runaway cow as it ran down a busy highway in front of stunned drivers.

Michigan state troopers responded to a call requesting they be on standby after a cow had escaped from a pasture near Belford Road in Holly Township

Dashcam video shows the animal running onto the road in Michigan, US, when a wrangler was seen chasing it on horseback.

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The bloke, who was donning a cowboy hat, chased the cow across three lanes of traffic on the I-75 highway at around 3pm.

A team of cattle wranglers had already been deployed near to rescue the animal from a gravel pit when it escaped and darted across the road.

State troopers shut down the north and southbound lanes to avoid collisions until one of the wranglers successfully lassoed the cow and subdued it.

The highway was reopened after about an hour with no major incident.

A statement from Michigan State Police said: "We haven't used the wranglers in the past and the reason we responded to that area was actually for the safety of the motorists and horses on the freeway

"It took a couple of hours to get him in the trailer. The freeway itself was closed for about an hour."

The news comes after footage emerged showing the terrifying moment a farmer narrowly escaped being crushed by a cow.

Matthew Blair, from Penrith in Cumbria, shared the footage of the incident on Twitter, which showed his wife, Dani, being attacked by a Beef Shorthorn heifer on the farm.

The CCTV clip saw Dani trying to assist the animal's two calves but the animal turned aggressive and suddenly head-butted her against the wall.

Dani, who is also a vet, was tossed in the air momentarily before the cow appeared to bite one of her trouser legs. Read more about the incident here.


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