‘Red Riding Hood ghost’ spotted lurking behind woman in ‘deserted’ forest

A woman recording a TikTok video in a deserted forest claims to have captured a red-hooded “ghost” on camera.

The figure, reminiscent of the eerie figure in cult Seventies horror film Don’t Look Now, was walking straight toward a steep cliff – but when TikToker Jimena went to investigate, no-one could be seen.

Jimena was making a video about the area’s natural beauty when the eerie figure appeared.

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Just as Jimena was saying: “Although I’ve lived here for over five years, this is still one of the most stunning places I know,” a figure in a red coat could be seen walking behind her – and heading directly towards a steep precipice.

Jimena filmed her chilling encounter in Bariloche, Argentina. She posted the clip on TikTok where it quickly went viral with 6million views.

Jimena, who is known as ‘Jmena con Jota’ on TikTok, posted the clip with the message: “Glitch in the Matrix?

“POV filming on the mountain, when suddenly…

“Did anyone else see it?”

She also posted a slow-motion version of the clip with the message: “You will say the forests are energy, and they are inhabited.”

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Jimena explained that there was no one else in the area except for her and her friends at the time.

She also posted another video showing the path she walked along, pointing out that there is only a precipice in the direction where the ‘ghost’ was heading.

She claimed: “A person from another frequency appeared, from another dimension.

“I choose to believe. It did not scare me, I didn’t see it. I had no idea.

“This forest is magical, trust me.”

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Many TikTok fans were spooked by Jimena’s mysterious encounter.

One local resident commented: “She was Little Red Riding Hood going to see her granny.”

A second added: “Some of us call them walking people.”

Another said: “She could be a guardian or a nagual [shape shifter] of the forest. They are protectors, or a soul in pain that clings there.”

Zahira wrote: “It is probably a guardian of the place. The south, like other specific places in Argentina, has a particular energetic charge.”

However, one sceptic commented: “Nooo! You found a forest and a tourist with a red jacket was walking there too.”


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