A crafty resident came up with a bizarre way to prank other drivers by making their car to look like a British police car – but with one obvious difference.

The 1994 silver Mercedes features the blue and yellow squares down the side as seen on a regular police car, but the hood of the car had a stip that said 'penis' where it would usually say police.

It also has the same on the back bumper in big red letters.

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Drivers passing by, like Bri Green, who shared the clip on his @onelife1975briang TikTok account, were left howling with laughter as many seem to assume it's a cop car from a distance but when they get closer they realise it's not.

In the video, which has gained more than 67,800 likes, the sarcastic caption said: "Well, well, well, how disrespectful. [laughing emojis]"

According to the comments, the vehicle is parked on a road in Willenhall, West Midlands and has recently sold on eBay "for a fortune."

However, people who say they know the owner, Ant Barret, confirmed that it "was done for charity."

But the charitable act still turned out to be a good prank as some TikTok users claimed drove past it without even noticing it wasn't a real police car or having to do a double take to make sure they were seeing it right.

One user said: "Drove past this morning and never noticed."

Another wrote: "I've seen this, new invention area… I had to go back past and take pics myself."

A third commented: "There's an old ambulance repainted with 'neeenoooowww' in my city."

A fourth added: "Took me a while before I noticed it."

Back in 2018, one driver's light-hearted prank on a policeman quickly went downhill after the cop was left outraged.

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In the video posted to Facebook, Cameron Holland is seen pulling up alongside the officer who is sat in his car and told him that he had left his key in the door.

The baffled officer reaches out of his window to check the door, at which point, Cameron then bursts into laughter before saying: “Nah, it’s in your ignition.”

But the joke doesn’t sit well with the cop, who soon pulls over the prankster for a breathalyser.


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