A teenager was shot dead after a row broke out over a pair of high-end Balenciaga trainers in a car park.

Yaseen Johnson was found slumped inside a bullet-riddled SUV in Plymouth, United States before cops charged Augustus Sirleaf Jr, 19, with second-degree murder.

The tragic 17-year-old had driven to buy the expensive shoes before two men got in the SUV and an argument broke out when Sirleaf gave Johnson one of the shoes in exchange for half the money, before asking for the shoe back and fatally shooting him after a confrontation.

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One of the Balenciaga shoes was found outside the car and the other was on the floor of the front passenger’s seat after the killing on Monday, November 14.

Two cartridge casings from a .40 caliber gun were found discharged outside the driver’s door with two more behind the rear passenger seats.

A backpack containing a receipt that led to inquiries against another individual was found, court documents show.

Sirleaf turned himself in to officers after they made his name and photograph public.

He made an appearance in court yesterday (November 22) with bail set at $1 million (£830,000).

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Cops are still searching for Hans Madave, 19, who is alleged to have also played a role in the brutal killing.

A third suspect, aged 18, had been arrested in connection with the crime but was released without charges under investigation.

CCTV images had caught the trio making off in a vehicle parked nearby, with Sirleaf and Madave returning to it before the 18-year-old driver zoomed away.

He told cops they had been planning on robbing Johnson and “had no choice” but to shoot during the row.

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