Row over woman for reserving parking spot daily with wheelie bin

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A woman has been slammed for “reserving” her parking space every day with a wheelie bin.

One of her neighbours revealed that she does it even though non-residents can pay to park along the street.

The furious resident, who has had enough of her behaviour, took the dispute to social media, reports My London.

On Reddit, they wrote: “She does this every day even though non-residents can pay to park on the street. So annoying!”

In an accompanying picture, a wheelie bin was laid on its side in a parking spot along a busy residential street.

The photo, which has since been deleted, showed a brown wheelie bin on its side in between two cars parked on a quiet residential street.

Others quickly took to the comments to slam the neighbour.

Plenty told the neighbour to “just move the bin” and take the parking spot for themselves.

One person said: “I’d be sorely tempted to move it up against her gate and leave a note.

“‘We’re visiting your fabulous city from America and saw your wheelie bin had fallen off the curb. Have a great day!'”

Another recalled a time when something similar happened to them: “My son – who doesn’t drive – used to collect a neighbour’s bin from the road and breathlessly tell them how he’d rescued their bin from where some hooligan had dumped it on the road.”

One Londoner pointed out “Where I live in London, if your bin gets damaged, you have to pay to have it replaced. Just saying!”

Another person wrote: “If someone does it daily, sod it – move the bin and if they complain say their bin must have blown into the road and you were returning it.

“If they carry on complaining, point out that you wouldn’t like to see them prosecuted for obstructing the highway… (OK, we’d all love to see them prosecuted, but a passive-aggressive white lie gets results!)”

According to the government, fixed penalties can be issued if wheelie bins are in the wrong place.

Local councils can issue penalties if householders are causing or likely to cause a nuisance or have a negative effect on local amenities.

One of the instances in which penalties can be issued is if a bin “restricts access to the pavement or street, for example leaving waste receptacles (bins or bags) out for several days”.

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