Royal fans go wild for King Charles chocolate bust – but not everyone is excited

A chocolate bust of King Charles III has delighted Royal Family fans, but some are stunned by its less-than striking resemblance to the King.

Commemorating the soon-to-be-Coronated with 17 litres of melted Celebrations chocolate, the recently revealed bust has sparked a wild variety of Twitter replies, with some saying this is exactly the project they would ask for if King.

Others are suggesting the King Charles bust has a likeness to The Head from Art Attack, a bust that drew inspiration from Roman emperor Constantine the Great for a children's television programme.

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Comparisons have been drawn between The Head and the chocolate creation, but there is a slight resemblance to the awfully embarrassing Cristiano Ronaldo bust from a few years ago.

One Twitter user wrote: "I mean, if I were a literal king, I would absolutely demand this from my subjects."

Another was more positive about the chocolatey end result, adding: "I think it’s really good, what a wonderful talent."

Where one user accepted the bust was "iconic", a pocket of other tweeters believed the King's recently revealed bust would be better suited to a stint on Art Attack.

Whether it would be handy for more than one episode of the Neil Buchanan-hosted programme before it melts would have to be taken into account.

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Art Attack, the BAFTA-nominated show hosted by friendly face Buchanan, who now fronts a heavy metal band and previously shot down rumours he was Banksy, ran for 17 years.

The recently revealed chocolate bust of King Charles is to commemorate the King of England's upcoming Coronation, and has garnered some controversy from a small pocket of Twitter users.

One alleged it was a "waste of money" to make a bust consisting of 17 litres of chocolate during a cost of living crisis.

Another questioned what it would be used for, asking: "What on earth is it for? Are people supposed to break it up and eat it?"

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