Google Maps fans were left in hysterics over a satellite image of a giant penis was spotted cut into a field.

An internet sleuth shared an image of an artistically-cropped field to the Reddit group Google Maps Shenanigans.

Members of the popular subreddit wasted no time in responding to the outlined phallic etching and fully mowed adjoining testicles with their funniest quips.

Reddit user u/xzry1998 hinted at the artwork's location in the caption to the screenshot.

They wrote: "Prince Edward Island in Canada."

Even the location was enough to tickle someone who joked: "This is something I'd expect on a Prince Albert island, not Edward!"

Spotting the name of the road running beside the field, another commented: "Burge Lane or Bulge Lane?"

Whether the phallic shape is a cheeky creation of the landowning farmer in their tractor or just a local prankster in unclear.

It could even be evidence of a new extra-terrestrial crop circle design, a social media user claimed.

One person said: "Someone had fun with the mower…"

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Another added: "F****** aliens!"

User nationpower was so keen to get a closer look at the field that they asked for coordinates to check it out in real life when visiting the area on Canada's east coast.

Earlier this week Reddit users speculated that a different satellite image taken by Google Maps revealed a Colombian drug camp in the Amazon rainforest.

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The image of several shelters in a remote clearing of forest close to the country's border with Brazil, had the comments section packed with theories.

Previously in the same community, a remote facility in the US prompted Reddit users to question whether it could be a centre for alien research.

Some have speculated the facility could be an alien research centre for study of extraterrestrial beings, while others joked it could be the fictional illicit fast food chain Los Pollos Hermanos from TV series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

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