Havana Syndrome sufferer labels condition 'act of war'

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CIA Director William Burns has reportedly privately warned Russian intelligence there will be a price to pay if the agency finds proof they are behind the mysterious “Havana Syndrome”. Mr Burns reportedly raised the issue during meetings with the heads of Russia’s two top intelligence agencies during a visit to Moscow earlier in November. While he did not directly point the finger at Russia’s FSB or the SVR, Mr Burns is said to have told leadership the attacks went far beyond the normal actions of a “professional intelligence service”.

US President Joe Biden has already vowed to determine the origin of the apparent “attacks” which are said to have started in 2016 at the US embassy in Cuba.

He has set up a task force to investigate several cases across the world.

The State Department is now investigating “whether they may be attributed to a foreign actor”.

Some have claimed the symptoms are a result of “directed” radio frequency attacks from Russia.

Recent cases are said to have been from those working on Russia-related issues such as gas exports, cybersecurity and political interference.

Those affected have reported headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms consistent with traumatic brain injuries.

While some experts have suggested that the illness is purely a psychological condition that is brought about from stress, others believe it to be a deliberate attack.

Bill Evanina, a former senior US intelligence official, said; “Was it an offensive weapon in some manner or form targeted to individuals? I believe it was.

“You may ask yourself if the Russian government was increasing and propagating their intelligence operation in Cuba, probably not good for them to have the US in Cuba in mass to identify some of things that have happened there”

Russia has denied any wrongdoing – and there are some that agree.

The mystery illness was explored by authors Robert Baloh and Robert Bartholomew in their March 2020 book, Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria.

According to the book’s description, Havana syndrome “is one of the most extraordinary cases in the history of science”.

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The authors concluded at the time Havana syndrome was not an effort to target US diplomats, but rather a psychogenic illness linked to the mating calls of insects.

The report confirms that “many of the affected individuals describe hearing unusual sounds, and that there are a number of recordings of these sounds”.

However, an analysis of these sounds concluded these were most likely mechanical or biological in origin and not electronic.

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