Russia puts EU on nuclear alert as bloc stockpiles iodine tablets and protective gear

Ukraine: Ex-RAF chief says use of nuclear weapons is possible

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The European Union has fast-tracked plans to increase its stockpile of iodine tablets and nuclear protective gear. The bloc is looking to boost its preparedness in the case of nuclear threats, particularly as Russian forces target Ukrainian nuclear plants. The EU Commission has encouraged member states to stockpile iodine pills, protective suits and other medicine.

The bloc is also looking for contingency plans to tackle a possible chemical and biological attack.

This comes after the US warned that Putin may use such devastating weapons in Ukraine.

A Commission spokesman said: “The commission is working to ensure it enhances preparedness in the area of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear threats (CRBN) generally, and this predates the war in Ukraine.”

This comes amid news that Ukraine is bracing itself for a horrifying barrage of attacks with chemical, nuclear and biological weapons as Vladimir Putin continues to unleash hell on Kyiv.

Putin sent fears flying that he would carry out a “false flag” operation after Russia claimed it found evidence of a US biological weapons programme in Ukraine.

Experts have warned Russia may be using this as a pretext to justify an attack in Ukraine with its own biological or chemical weapons.

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan spoke to Nikolay Patrushev from Russia’s Security Council, warning him of the consequences “of any possible Russian decision to use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine”, according to the White House.

Earlier this month, EU nations were sent into a state of panic after Russian forces targeted and damaged a Ukrainian atomic power station.

After the attack, pharmacies in countries like Belgium, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic ran out of iodine pills as fears of a radioactive leak ran high.

After a radioactive leak, radioactive iodine is released into the atmosphere and is concentrated in the thyroid gland when it is inhaled, causing cancer.

Ingesting potassium iodine tablets can saturate the gland with iodine and prevent the absorption of radioactive material.

Véronique Trillet-Lenoir, an MEP for French president Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche party, said: “We need to draw strong lessons from Covid.

“We require specific measures for nuclear sites. We are not ready. We do not have the stocks.

“We have a nuclear threat from a mad guy in the Kremlin.

“We need a European stockpile and to have a system of alert and monitoring.”

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a chemical weapons expert and fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge, told that a Russian attack using chemical weapons would be “highly likely” if Putin’s army starts to struggle.

He said: “Chemical weapons broke the four-year siege of Aleppo in 13 days of chlorine barrel bombs in December 16 and I think this had a profound effect on the Russians.”

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