Russia warns the West that it is developing robot tanks to destroy Brit machines

One of Vladimir Putin's cronies has namechecked the UK in a threat to the West about killer robot tanks that Russia is developing.

Military bigwig Dmitry Rogozin recently announced plans to develop a combat version of Russia's “Marker” robotic tank, and said it would have a “baptism of fire” on the battlefields in Eastern Ukraine.

Rogozin, the former director of Russia’s space corporation Roscosmos and current head of the “Tsar Wolves” military advisory group, issued a stark warning to the West when announcing the plans.

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“I spoke again with colleagues from Android Technika and the Advanced Research Foundation,” Rogozin wrote on Telegram, referring two companies working on the "Western tank killer" as TheDebrief put it.

He added: “Everyone agrees that our strike Marker, for the remaining time before the arrival of the Abrams and Leopards in Ukraine, should be prepared for their destruction along with the crews.”

He elaborated further in a chat with Russian state-run site RIA Novosti, saying the robot “would be able to automatically detect and hit the ‘Abrams,’ ‘Leopard’ and other vehicles due to the electronic catalog in the control system with images of enemy equipment.”

He was talking about destroying the U.S. M1 Abrams, German Leopard 2 and British Challenger 2 battle tanks – along with their crews.

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Eurasian Times reported that the robotic tank features "an array of sensors and weapons."

"Among these are a drone-launching casing and a turret with machine guns and anti-tank missiles," the title stated.

The title also said that the first batch of the robots have already hit the battlefield in the Donbas region.

They reported Rozogin as saying: “The first four Marker robots have arrived in the region strictly on schedule. We begin downloading target images and testing algorithms of warfare within a unit of combat robots and installing powerful anti-tank armament."

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