A Russian bloke avoided jail but was slapped with a £400 fine after admitting online to having glorified Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a dream.

Ivan Losev, from Chita, a city located about 3,900 miles east of Moscow in the south of Eastern Siberia, was told by authorities that his Instagram post "discredited the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation".

The 26-year-old said he was baffled by the fact that a Federal Security Service officer "in his forties" added his dream, in which he asks Zelenskyy for a selfie, to a case file.

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Explaining the dream, Losev told his followers: “Last night, I dreamed about being mobilised and brought to some kind of boot camp.

“Suddenly, AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) fighters led by Zelenskyy burst in, rounded everyone up, and were about to execute us by firing squad.

“At this moment, Zelenskyy walks past me and says ‘ah, I’ve seen your stories on Instagram. Glory to Ukraine!’ I reply ‘glory to heroes!’

“Zelenskyy pats me on the shoulder and approvingly says: ‘Let this one go, and execute everyone else’.

“So there we are, me and him, standing side by side, watching, and I tell him ‘can I get a selfie with you for my Instagram?’ Zelenskyy says 'sure'.”

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Losev said after he was slapped on the wrist for the dream: "I struggle to imagine how a Zabaikalsk FSB officer in his forties re-typed my post with a straight face to add it to the case file. The thought is ridiculous!"

He said authorities called him on his work phone, telling him: "There is reason to believe that you are engaged in discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation," before telling him to go to his local police department.

Losev added he had "come to terms" with potential jail time before escaping with a £388.82 fine. The post has now been deleted.

A local court convicted him of dissent and "discrediting" the Russian Army. The maximum sentence for this charge is 15 years in prison.

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