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    The BBC's output has been branded “Nazi propaganda” and British people labelled "scum" by a fuming Putin cheerleader.

    TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov raged at the news coverage of an incident in Ukraine where around 12 invading Russian troops supposedly died in a "massacre".

    Now the Kremlin is saying the killings in Makiivka were a war crime after Mad Vladimir Putin's soldiers allegedly "surrendered" – insisting both drone and ground footage could prove this.

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    However, the Ukrainian Government says the Russians – mostly laying face down on the ground – had feigned surrender and that one or more had started shooting.

    Solovyov, one of Putin's favourite propagandists, fumed at a BBC Russian Service web report in which he only quoted parts of on the Rossiya 1 state-run channel.

    He told viewers: “They ask ‘is this a war crime?’, and explain that no it is not, because it was a feigned surrender.

    “So, this is not a military crime…

    “‘A feigned surrender is against the rules of war,’ reports the BBC Russian Service.

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    “It’s not by accident that BBC News is banned in Russia, because this filth is comparable to [Hitler Nazi Party newspaper] The Völkischer Beobachter…

    “So the BBC is absolutely a Nazi propaganda [producer].”

    He then claimed the British have "always loved Nazis".

    He said: “Given that now England is sending [cigarette] lighters with ‘Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes!’ engraved on them, let them also send the unused 1930s lighters [engraved] with ‘Heil…’ and all the rest of it.

    “You always loved Nazis, you British scum.”

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    Despite Solovyov being very selective with what he quoted from the BBC report, the report was an entirely balanced account of the events.

    Now, the UN is investigating the incident in Makiivka.

    While Russia is accusing the West of staying silent on what it calls a "war crime", Ukraine has denied such charges.

    Russian soldiers had feigned surrender, implying they had set a trap by starting to shoot – according to Kyiv ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets.

    He said it was Russia that “committed a war crime”, not Ukraine.

    Vyacheslav Volodin – a close ally to Putin and speaker of the Russian Parliament – branded the Ukrainians as "fascists".

    He said: “Ukrainian Nazis shooting our soldiers lying down, without weapons – this is how fascists behave.

    “The heads of European states have not yet condemned these crimes.

    “The same silence in the 1930s led to the creation of a fascist state, the outbreak of World War Two and the death of millions of civilians.

    “History teaches nothing.”


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