Russian psychic claims Biden is using Ukraine war to ‘sacrifice lives to Satan’

A Russian psychic who makes regular predictions about the war in Ukraine has bizarrely claimed that US President Joe Biden is deliberately prolonging the conflict so people are sacrificed to "Satan".

Over a year has passed since Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Few in the international community – and even fewer in Russia – expected the “special military operation” to last more than a few weeks.

But as the anniversary of the invasion came and went, Putin-supporting psychic Galina Yanko weighed in with her explanation for why the bloody conflict was still raging.

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“President of America Joe Biden personally insists on the continuation of the massacre in Ukraine,” Yanko said, “he needs this conflict as much as he needs air.”

She adds that Biden should have lived a very long life, but his “deal with devil” will prevent him from reaching his predestined lifespan.

“Biden is actually a long-liver,” she said. “According to fate, he is destined to live more than 90 years. But he will not live out his years, because he is connected with the dark force”.

She says that Biden is “a man from Satan” and his mission is to ensure that as many lives as possible – especially young peoples’ lives – are sacrificed to his Dark Lord.

“He does not understand that he will end up in hell,” raves Yanko, adding that he “does not realise what terrible torments await him in the future”.

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Yanko says that because Putin is on the “side of Light” he will inevitably win out in the long run.

She claims that Putin has held back in Ukraine in order to not to cause too many civilian casualties.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has tallied a total of 8,173 civilian deaths during Russia's invasion of Ukraine as of March 5, 2023 – although that may be an under-estimate.

A further 13,620 civilians are reported to have been injured since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

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Yanko predicts that the current military stalemate will soon end, claiming: “I see a quick turning point on the battlefield, our side will win a number of major victories”.

She predicts that the run of Russian successes will begin in the next few weeks. “For Biden, this will be a huge blow,” Yanko believes, “Because everything he so dreamed about will collapse into a hole. The ground beneath him will shake, and everything will fall down”.

She has also predicted that Biden will call for a peace summit with Putin – probably to be held in a “neutral country” such as Belarus – and the talks will lead to “to a peaceful settlement of all issues. “


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