Russian schools get ‘aggression advice’ as kids keep trying to kill each other

Russian school children are becoming so aggressive that officials are offering “aggression advice” to teachers and parents.

The strange occurrence happened after reports in local Russian media of a primary school student stabbing a classmate in the face with a knife, and another teenager reportedly firing a pistol into the face of another pupil.

And it has now been labelled a “psychological pandemic” by local media.

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According to pro-Kremlin news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets, the overall reasoning behind the rise in aggression is unknown – not as if there's a war going on or anything..

One specialist claims that he has 500 child clients with anger issues.

The advice has come from expert and Russian author Evgeny Yamburg, who talks about a five-step programme to help angry children.

The first three steps are about monitoring social media sites such as Russian-owned Telegram, followed by parents being told to speak to school officials if anything dodgy is found.

The third step calls on worried parents to “trust specialists”.

Step four is all about working with parents to find the “complexes within the family discord”, while step five is actually missing – classic Russia.

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The expert said: “It seems to me that there are purely pedagogical methods for the prevention of child and adolescent aggression.

“Of course, each such case is unique in its own way and requires the mobilization of all the professional knowledge of the teacher and the inclusion of his creative intuition.

“Nevertheless, there is a general technique for solving this literally bleeding problem.

“It makes sense to acquaint teachers, school psychologists and parents with this technique, without whose union we will not be able to save children.”

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It was reported earlier this year that Russia had ordered schools to by assault rifles for a new training programme for pupils.

According to local reports, a court in St Petersburg, Russia, demanded schools in the area teach students and teachers “initial military training”, as Putin tried to boost the dramatic loses his army has suffered since stepping foot into Ukraine.

According to Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, the list of items needed includes gun safes, oxygen, models of F-1 and RGD-5 grenades, shooting simulators, assault rifles and magazines for Kalashnikov guns.

A spokesman for the Education Ministry told them: “Models of grenades and machine guns are also needed since in the near future the subject 'initial military training' will be introduced into the program for 10-11th graders.”

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