Sailor says ‘UFOs’ buzzing around warship ‘behaved in a way no drone ever would’

Another eyewitness report has emerged of a US Navy warship being buzzed by unidentified flying objects, with one stunned sailor saying the swarm of tiny craft weren’t behaving like any known type of drone.

The seaman, from the USS Paul Hamilton, spoke under conditions of anonymity to UFO researchers Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp for their new podcast Weaponized.

He explained to Corbell that the mystery craft were not behaving like a reconnaissance drone might – overflying the ship and then returning to its base station.

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Instead, he said, the objects would arrive and depart on “a different bearing which is weird … if you deploy a drone to go check something out it would come [straight] back so that was like something significant enough for us to report”.

In recent years, The Pentagon has begun to openly discuss these mystery craft, but officials have avoided calling them UFOs and instead prefer the term UAP [unidentified aerial phenomena] or in the case of these drone-like objects Unidentified Aerial Systems [UAS].

Corbell explained that the sailor had told him “these are UFOs, they’re unidentified, but we have to call them something we call them UAS… you know …unmanned aerial systems because they just weren't big enough to hold a human being”.

The sailor points out that the nearest dry land is far beyond the range of any known quadcopter drone.

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Pentagon reports have stressed that the objects are more likely to be operated by a hostile government’s military, rather than allowing the possibility that they are from another planet or… as some UFO researchers believe … another dimension.

But Knapp says the way the craft move proves that they can “manipulate space-time and create their own gravity”

He explains that it’s highly unlikely someone “launched their Walmart drone from Hawaii and it traveled 1800 miles to buzz these [ships].

"There’s hundreds of them that buzzed these 10 ships over three days, and you've got number of witnesses who saw them".

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He goes on to discuss an object filmed overflying the USS Omaha which was between eight and ten feet across with “no wings, no tail no rotor, no visible propulsion…”

Corbell adds: “OK, maybe they're not commercial drones they're definitely military drones so it must be China or something,” but he goes on to say that the behaviour of the objects – apparently flying into and out of the surface of the ocean at very high speeds – suggests that they’re based on a technology completely unknown in the West, and possibly nowhere on Earth.

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The Pentagon has insisted that the objects are reconnaissance drones from a foreign military power.

According to Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray, the objects captured on US Navy video were definitively identified as an unmanned drones.

But who was controlling them, and why, remains a mystery. And that's something the Navy and the UFO hunters can agree on.


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