School hit twice by mass poisoning from mystery ‘perfume’ leaving 22 in hospital

Students at a Russian school have been hit by a mysterious chemical poisoning attack twice in two days.

And it has left 17 pupils and five staff in the small Russian village of Belousovo in hospital.

The strange incident has been traced to a schoolgirl who first sprayed a vial of perfume in the classroom.

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This caused 17 people including a teacher to suffer from intense vomiting and headaches, Russian news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets reports.

Bizarrely, just 24 hours later, five more people were injured when another student poured the mysterious liquid onto a “hot battery”.

A debate raged in local news reports over whether the liquid was a vape refill or some kind of perfume, but experts are currently investigating the incident.

All those who fell ill were being treated at the Vytegorsk Central District Hospital after complaining of severe eye and ear pain.

A spokesman for the Regional Investigative Committee – which is a local police force of investigators – said: “A number of forensic studies have been appointed, including a chemical examination to establish the composition of the liquid.”

And medical examiner Vladimir Soshnikov said: “It is a pity that there is no information about the smell.

“If it is still perfume, then benzyl acetate can also cause similar symptoms if it is put in a lot.

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“The substance is commonly used to synthesize jasmine fragrance and enhance the longevity of perfumes.

“It is used in cheap production, the smell is similar to bitter almonds.

“All of these additives are used to reduce the cost of perfume production and fix the aroma.”

The investigation is ongoing and the name of the school has been kept anonymous to protect the identities of the children involved.

Their ages have also not been disclosed to the media.

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