Scientists make wild discovery that snakes actually have two clitorises

Female snakes have two clitorises – yes, you read that right.

The wild discovery was made by a group of scientists at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

According to them, nine species of snake showed to have a two-part clitoris, called a hemiclitoris.

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And the largest one belongs to a Mexico Pit Viper snake called the Cantil Viper, while the smallest is found in the Ingram Brown Snake, commonly found in Australia.

Reproductive biologist Megan Folwell, who led the research, said: “There’s a lot known about male snake genitalia, but not so much – really anything – known about female

“It was such a prominent structure that was completely different to the hemipenes and clearly different to the scent glands and surrounding tissue.

“The variation across species and the presence of nerve fibers was amazing!"

For those wondering, the two clitorises, or hemiclitores, are found on the underside of the snake's tail.

And the mystery of the double-clitoris grows larger when the researchers actually found the presence of “detached pockets” on the outside of it.

The report states: “These pockets consisted of two empty soft tissue pouches, separated through the centre, with the opening along the posterior cloaca lip and pouch extending posteriorly towards the hemiclitores.

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“There was no protrusion of pouch/pocket into the hemiclitores, thus the pockets were detached from the hemiclitores.”

The research and study, the scientists claims, opens a “fruitful avenue” into further research of “genital development, function and evolution” – be it in snakes . . . or other beings.

And yes, it does appear that a double-clitoris leads to more sex.

They add: “Variation in the snake hemiclitores might prove to be correlated with courtship and mating behaviours and help us understand female choice.

“We suggest that the hemiclitores transduce sensation to the female snake during courtship and copulation, which might promote longer and more frequent mating leading to increased fertilization success.”

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