Scientists are said to have stumbled across a mass grave of Bigfoot creatures, finding themselves faced with 12-feet skeletons buried within.

Avid Bigfoot hunters and enthusiasts jumped on the article, which described finding the eerie beasts that are said to have been killed in a "historic fight" before being dumped in a mass grave.

The eerie find has set the Bigfoot community alight, with plenty of people intrigued by the recent article find, which spoke briefly of the "giants" that were found.

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Posting the article to Reddit, one user claimed there were "Giants in Louisiana", with others alluding to the fact it could be the mythical Bigfoot.

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The article stated that "several score, at least, of the skeletons" were found and that they "lie in various positions".

It continued: "It is believed they were killed in a pre-historic fight and that the bodies lay where they fell until covered with alluvial deposits due to the flooding of the Mississippi River.

"So far there has been no scientific examination of the bones, but a number of them were brought here and it seems there is little doubt of the accuracy of the measurements."

But even Bigfoot believers were doubtful of where the bones came from, or where they were currently.

Taking to Reddit, one Bigfoot believer but sceptic of the history museums said: "Let me guess, the Smithsonian swooped in to save the day and do extensive studies on what is regularly reported to be giant humanoids. Never to be seen again."

Another person conferred with this theory, adding: "Bingo."

One absolute maniac took the disbelief one step further, rubbishing the news article because "there used to be people twice our size walking around."

Another user said: "Yes, there are cases where people have reported Bigfoot as being 10 to 12 feet tall but it's most likely eight to ten is probably the maximum."

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