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    A Scrooge-like couple not convinced by the sultry, festive charms of Wham's hit Last Christmas are attempting to raise funds to purchase the rights.

    Once the rights are secured, Tomas Mazetti, 55, and his wife Hannah, 33, plan on outlawing the song entirely, banning it from ever being played.

    In their hopes to take the track off the air, the pair have set up a fundraiser, the culmination of 13 years of hate geared toward the George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley track.

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    So far, the pair have raised £51,522 ($62million), and are somewhat short of the Last Christmas copyright valuation of anywhere between £12.4million and £20million.

    Still, the pair have got to have faith, setting up their fundraiser and hoping to take Michael and Ridgeley down a notch.

    The mum-of-three had told friends just how much she hated hearing the song, and the lengths she would go to in getting rid of it for good.

    Hannah said: "I was studying English and worked extra to pay the bills, and the owner of the café had planned for a super cosy holiday season and had his own made CD with several 'hits' on it.

    "He was only in now and then, so he didn’t fully appreciate the agony the rest of the staff felt when 'Last Christmas' played for the 111th time of the working day."

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    Now, they have found they could "theoretically" buy the song, saving retail workers from the misery of Wham's relentless Christmas cheer once and for all.

    She added: "I'm sorry, but this is the way it has to be. We don’t hate Wham!, but we hate this song. It is because it is being played 5,000 times per day, but we felt something had to be done to support the people that suffer like us.

    "Some people love to hear the song 500 times a day – and those people are our enemies."

    It could be a Last Christmas for the Wham track after all, with the fundraiser still a stretch away from its total, Indy100 reported.

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