An online store sent out a statue that was missing a “marble”.

Chris Marsh, 42, bought the £45 marble statue as a Secret Santa gift.

It is a reproduction of a 16th Century statue showing the Roman god Hercules wrestling with Diomedes, who is upside down and grabbing Hercules’ privates.

But Chris, of Doncaster, South Yorks, was bemused to find one of Diomedes’ balls was missing.

He wrote to homeware retailer Wayfair: “He’s missing a b*llock. Help. Please.”

Customer service worker Kelsey replied: “Oh dear poor guy! I’ve zoomed in on the website photo and it certainly looks like there should be two!

“At least Christmas is coming up… you could pop a bauble on there.”

Chris asked: “How much discount for a missing testicle?”

After getting 35% knocked off the price, the pair continued to share jokes over the statue’s flaw.

Kelsey added: “I’ll be giggling about it for days.”

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