Serial watch thief ‘caught hiding £10k Rolex in her vagina’ after stealing spree

A thief was arrested after she hid a posh Rolex watch worth a whopping £10,000 in her vagina, cops say.

She was reportedly apprehended on Sunday (December 11) for stealing the luxury timepiece – but when it came to finding it again, officers had to be imaginative and allegedly found it tucked away in her genitals.

Officials said Sarah Richards, 33, of Baltimore, has appeared before a judge in a Las Vegas court to face the allegations.

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They told local news channel KVVU that she is now facing multiple charges, including theft, residential burglary and administering drugs to aid in commission of a felony.

It is alleged on June 4, a hotel guest reported to police that Richards had stolen his Patek Philippe wristwatch valued at $100,000 (£82,000) and drugged him after they met at a casino.

While in Las Vegas for her court hearing on those charges, it is claimed she then stole the £10k watch that she later hid in her vagina.

On Monday (December 12), Richards was set to appear for her preliminary hearing in court for the first case – but the day before, police responded to reports that Richards had stolen items from a room at the Aria Hotel, including the Rolex.

Security found Richards but failed to find the watch after a conventional body search.

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Authorities say the Rolex was eventually discovered when officers passed a metal detector wand over her body and found it “kept alarming around her vaginal region”.

It was then that police say Richards agreed to take the watch out from inside her.

“She stated that we were going to find it anyways at jail, and she did not want to go through the hassle,” the police report said.

The watch was placed into a biohazard bag and impounded with Richards due back in court on January 10.

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