Sex robots will soon be able to be programmed to be straight or gay, a renowned creator has claimed.

Buyers will be able to set their "sexual preference" prior to shipping, according to RealDoll CEO and founder Matt McMullen.

In a video posted on Instagram by company rep Brick Dollbanger, Matt explained the firm was working on new AI technology that would give their machines a new dimension when it comes to lovemaking.

He also said their upcoming model will be available for both men and women.

"Not only do we need to create a different gender, we also need to create a sexual preference in the profile – and this would be something that would also propagate to the female platform as well," he said.

Matt added that the company's own artificial intelligence (AI) technology – Harmony AI – was initially designed to provide a "bisexual flavour, but not defined as one or the other".

But now the company is looking to enable buyers to choose the sexual orientation of their chosen "avatar", he said.

Matt also revealed the business's latest robots can be ordered with hair covering any preferred part of body.

The company is also developing new lifelike characteristics, including the "self heating" and "self lubricating" of the "erogenous zones".

Mat, who was showcasing their upcoming male robot, referred to as "Henry", joked that the robot could be getting a "bionic penis" that would be powerful enough to "lift trucks".

However, he added that, due to the machine's strength, further testing will be needed before it is deemed safe.

RealDoll produces some of the most advanced sex robots in the world, some of which have artificial intelligence capabilities.

They can carry out conversations, mimic orgasms, and develop their own personalities.

Its elite sex robots are equipped with X-mode, an integrated system that allows users to preset certain characteristics and shape their interactions with the models.

RealDoll is currently working on a new system which will offer three interchangeable faces for one robot – and three potentially different personalities.

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