Shark hunter, 16, prefers nights risking life in sea to playing video games

A shark-hunting teenager says he would rather risk his life catching marine beasts than chill at home with a video game.

Will Glasson, 16, gets no greater buzz than reeling in six feet-long bull sharks at Port Hedland's Spoilbank beach in Western Australia.

Joined by a few pals, Will heads out to the shore late at night when the tide is high and fishes for sharks to measure and photograph before releasing them.

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He told ABC: "The adrenaline is just going crazy and everyone's going crazy.

"Once you land it, it's wicked.

"We usually take photos and size them … and then within like a minute we try and get them back in [the water]."

The lads canoe around 100 yards out to the Spoilbank basin – popular with swimmers and kite surfers – and drop a line with baits.

Since Will and his mates started shark fishing, they have caught up to 30 bull sharks.

"It just keeps getting bigger and better," he said.

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"The fastest one we've pulled in was only a small shark and it [took] about five minutes … but the bigger bull sharks we get now take half an hour to 40 minutes to land.

"We [sometimes] have our mates hanging off the end of the rod just holding it up helping us fight it.

"I'd rather go out throughout the night instead of staying at home playing games."

On the same Pilbara coastline, a bull shark attacked Robbie Peck as as he spear fished but the beaches remained opened.

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Will commented on the scare saying it was lucky that fellow Port Headland local, Robbie was not all alone at the time of the incident.

He said: "If he would've been on his own, he would've been pretty much finished," he said.

"They're so close to where we live … they're 100 per cent out there."


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