Shopkeeper claims eerie footage shows ‘angel expelling evil eye’ after flood

A shopkeeper believes spooky CCTV footage has captured an "angel" ousting the "evil eye" from his flood-hit premises.

Nickson Masih says he was left crying himself to sleep after his shop, Fruity Season, was wrecked in a flood caused by damage inflicted during a burglary at the flat above.

To make matters worse, he's worried his insurance policy doesn't cover his stock and appliances.

But he thinks he has reason to stay positive after spotting a supernatural presence in CCTV footage.

Nickson, who insists he's normally sceptical about such things, said: "I don't normally believe in supernatural occurrences, but this is weird.

"It's caught on camera – a good jin or an angel of sorts came and prayed for the shop, blessing it in order to remove the evil eye."

The "angel" in question is the flashing light figure visible in the video.

The flat above the premises in Hanwell, west London, was targeted by burglars on the evening of Saturday October 16.

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A water leak happened as a result of items being removed in the raid, say police.

Nickson, 28, arrived at his greengrocers the following morning to find it wrecked.

Parts of the ceiling had collapsed and electrical wires had come loose, hanging from the ceiling, causing the shop to lose all power.

Nickson told the Daily Star: "I came to the store at 10am on Sunday to open up and was greeted with this. I just stood there for five minutes staring at everything, unable to move.

"I'm absolutely heartbroken, I've been crying myself to sleep. I worked 14 hour days, seven days a week for four years in order to save up to open my own business and used up all my savings.

"I only opened the store in April and this has absolutely ruined me. I don't even think I can carry on after this. If I have to pay for all the damages, I won't be able to pay rent."

He says he doesn't have contents insurance and is worried the damage caused to stock and appliances including fridges and shelves won't be covered by his liability and buildings plan.

He added: "That's why the store is still open – I need to sell all my perishable stock which is still in good condition, as without the fridges, I can't keep them fresh for much longer."

He is, however, trying to keep faith after spotting the "angel" in the CCTV footage.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told the Daily Star: "Police were called by the London Fire Brigade on Sunday, October 17 to reports of a flooding at a commercial premises in Greenford Avenue, Hanwell.

"It was established that the property had been burgled. The water leak was caused as a result of items being removed by the suspects. West Area Command investigates. No arrests.

A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade added: "Firefighters were called to reports of flooding at a building on Greenford Avenue in Hanwell on Sunday October 17.

"A ground floor shop was flooded from a first floor flat above. Crews isolated the water and electric supplies. There were no reports of any injuries.

"The Brigade was called at 10:12 and the incident was over for firefighters by 11:27."

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