Shopper mocked for saying inflation is tearing family apart

The gargantuan order made up the majority of a $785.31 (£630.03) bill which included sweet treats such as a hazelnut croissant, a pain au chocolat, blueberries, and bananas. The shopper had also added deodorant and plain Greek yoghurt to their basket.

Above the bill, @CSonic234 had written: “Inflation is tearing my family apart.”

Posting the shocking mango figure on social media, the internet hall of fame account wrote: “That’s not inflation.”

The tweet received a wave of replies as users expressed their shock and surprise that how one person could spend so much on mangos.

One user wrote: “That’s 359 pounds of mangos. I don’t think inflation is the problem here, lol.[sic]”

Another replied: “Might want to return those mangos. I bought some recently at Aldi for 0.49 each.”

One user attached a gif of a talking mango to their reply and wrote “What the hell do you need all those mangos for?!?” before they were replied to by someone listing a series of mango-based dishes.

The post was so shocking that some users went off on a different tangent altogether. One user said: “People did not want to listen, & they still chose not to. The economy will crash, & we will go into a depression. I have changed my diet completely, & people need to do the same. Christ is coming, and we are a mess.”

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Although spending such a large amount of money on mangos is surprising and raises a lot of question, the tweet has raised more alarm about the topic of inflation.

In recent months, it has been a key topic of concern both in the USA and UK as people feel the pinch during the of living crisis.

In the USA, inflation currently sits at around six percent according to some experts, while figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest it was at around 5.7 percent in the UK in March.

As inflation continues to rise, more and more people will feel the pressure as they find their money doesn’t go as far as it did just a few years ago.

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