Six-time Mr Olympia unrecognisable after retiring from being ‘mass monster’

A six-time consecutive Mr Olympia winner looks unrecognisable after giving up the muscle workouts since retiring from bodybuilding.

Dorian Yates boasts one of the most successful records in bodybuilding history, after claiming the highly converted title of Mr Olympia six years in a row, from 1992 to 1997.

Yates was renowned for his barn door back – which helped him defeat competitors including eight-time Mr Olimpia Lee Haney and American bodybuilder Chris Cormier.

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The now 60-year-old, revealed in the 2019 documentary ‘The Original Mass Monster’ that he had lost some of his muscles since retiring.

Despite his physique looking very different to that of his competition form, Dorian remains in great shape, as reported by The Sun.

He has swapped out his heavy-weight training for cardio and mobility exercises, as he changes his goals to better suit his new lifestyle.

In a recent Instagram post, Dorian showed off his six-pack during a trip to the beach, as he posed with two bikini-clad women.

He captioned the post: "When my bodybuilding career ended, I continued to train fairly hard and heavy, but over the years I questioned what I really needed and what I could improve upon.

"So I shifted more towards working on my mobility, cardio, breathing, mental, spiritual health and fitness.

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"When training with weights nowadays, I use a moderate weight just to maintain muscle & strength."

Under the post, one fan commented: "Did u ever hate the thought of getting smaller Dorian or didn’t it bother u too much?"

Dorian’s response appeared to show acceptance of his changing body, as he said: “It's okay for your goals to change”

Then adding: "It's actually important that they do,"

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In another post, he admitted: “Back then it was rather difficult to get a suit made.

“Nowadays, I can get one off the rack.”

Yates retired from the sport in 1997 and admitted to Generation Iron that bodybuilding was “starting to feel like a job.”

He said: “I kind of told myself that when it started to feel like that, then I would think about stopping”.

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