South Wales gripped with fear after ‘big cat spotting’ as chewed remains appear

Parts of South Wales have been left gripped with fear after a ‘big cat’ was spotted eerily stalking a hillside close to a housing estate.

Locals have since spoken about their own 'experiences' in the area, claiming to have been finding strange remains of animals.

Others have discussed the area's history with exotic pets, some pointing to past 'sightings' of lynx in the area.

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People have flocked online to discuss their fears about what the beast could be.

Speaking to the Daily Star, one concerned local said: “I’ve heard of big cats being spotted around the South Wales area for a good few years now. I have friends and family who swear they have seen them.

“I personally have come across severed deer feet that look like they have been chewed by a large predatory animal.

“I spend a lot of time outdoors, and although I’ve never witnessed any with my own eyes, there’s been many times when I’ve been camping or hiking and heard something that seems to be stalking or lurking behind us."

They added that while they hadn’t seen anything up close and personal, “I do believe there could be rare and isolated instances of wild cats accidentally escaping or being released into the wild.”

The video is understood to have first been filmed by a local contract worker and has sparked intense debate on a local Facebook page and beyond.

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The video was posted by a second man who said: “One of the fella's working on the new Penallta houses, [a local contractor], has captured this footage. Whatever it is, it was in the fields around Parc Penallta.”

One local said on Facebook: “Must [have] been a big cat for the guy [to] start filming.

“Who just thinks I'm going start filming [a] domestic cat for the crack[?]

“[Someone] gets a domestic cat put it up there then film it from where the guy was standing[?]

"I believe [in] big cats in Wales and UK 100% what I believe anyway”.

Agreeing, a second user said: “Spot on bud. I’d like to know the grass length up there to make a decision.”

Recalling a previous sighting, another user wrote: “One type of cat that is thought to possibly inhabit Penallta is the wildcat.

“My brother-in-law was walking up there last year very early one morning when he saw a cat [that looked like a lynx].

“He stopped the moment he saw it, the cat was initially cleaning itself on the path ahead.

They continued: “It then saw it was being watched; so promptly disappeared into the long grass and vegetation at the side of the path.

“What was immediately noticeable was the cat was stocky in size, had a thickish tail with a rounded black tip.”

Chillingly, another local said: “I have seen this cat twice around my local area in Risca, it's huge all black and very fast. Never seen anything like it before, I said to my wife I thought it was a panther. She saw it as well with me well we were walking the dog.”

Others claimed that big cats in the area come from escaped exotic pets. One said: “They [have] been here since 60s 70s when people had them as pets then it become illegal to own them most of them got let go into our countryside within UK 100%.”

Another local recalled a past alleged escaped animal in nearby Llandovery. “It built a nest in the trees and the nest was bigger than a sofa,” they said.

The Daily Star has contacted Wildlife Trust Wales for comment.

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