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An alpaca who rejected by her mother now lives a lavish lifestyle including rolling around in her very own car.

Dad of three Dannie Burns bottle-fed the now two-year-old Annie the Alpaca after her mother snubbed her as a calf.

Having to feed her every hour meant Daniel took her everywhere with him, including inside his home in Stirling, Scotland where she would sleep alongside his three dogs and two cats.

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Hilariously Annie thinks she's nothing more than one of Daniel's pack of Labradoodle dogs.

Although she has since been banned from the house for causing trouble – including hewing through cables, raiding profiteroles at Christmas, and can even open doors with her mouth. She now sleeps on the porch.

But that hasn’t stopped Daniel from spoiling her rotten. He even purchased a Vauxhall Zafira just for her to travel in.

She folds all four legs like a camel and lays on the backseat and sticks her head out the window.

Newsweek reported that Annie is now expecting a baby, however, Burns is concerned about how she will take to motherhood since she has rejected the herd of 75 alpacas which roam his field.

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Daniel said: “Annie was rejected by her mum. She was in our house for six months, getting bottle-fed every two hours. She was eating everything – toy soldiers, ribbons, bits of plastic. She swallows them – she's a nightmare. She sleeps on the porch now.

"We are hoping she will go back with the herd once she has her baby. She wants nothing to do with the other alpacas. She hides when she sees them.

"We bought the car because she came everywhere with us. We leave the back door open, and she jumps in the back. It was one of those situations that just happened. I needed to take her everywhere with me. It was bought particularly for that.

"She roams about with the dogs, and learnt to open door handles with her mouth."

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