Spooked man takes photos in ‘haunted’ house and captures ‘ghost’ talking to him

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A homeowner was left terrified after capturing a ghost "communicating" with him through Polaroid photos.

John Huckert, from Los Angeles, California in the US, said he felt an energy in the house when he first moved in in the 1980s.

In 1991, he was given a Polaroid camera by his dad as a Christmas gift and he later used it to snap a picture of his bathroom after seeing the door mysteriously open on its own.

Speaking on Netflix's new documentary Surviving Death, John said: "We got some kind of, like, weird light stuff.

"And then I thought, 'Okay, my dad's a practical joker. He gave me the camera, that's what's going on here.'"

He then invited his friends over and the group started taking pictures around the house. All of the pictures showed the same white smoke in the background.

John continued: "A couple of them were skeptical and someone said 'Are you here now?'

"Someone said 'Let's find out'. They got the camera and snapped a picture.

"It took a while before it dawned on us that it actually said something.

"I remember that was quite frightening, like 'What? How can it answer?'

"It's not supposed to answer. It's supposed to show ectoplasmic clouds and pretty billowy things."

"Instead, it said 'Yes'."

In one picture, a white cloud-like substance was clearly visible showing the letters of Y, E and S.

John and the group started asking more questions such as: "What is your name?"

The next picture then emerged with an answer of a name "Wright."

The "spirit" even claimed it was a friend to them and not a bad ghost.

"At that point, this thing is talking to us," John added. "It's answering our questions.

"Once the talking started, that changed everything."

He later hosted parties and invited other people to bring their Polaroid cameras to capture the writings.

John also discovered that the writings only appeared on the Polaroid Spectra camera with the Spectra film but not others.

But they stopped taking pictures after Polaroid discontinued producing Spectra films.

"We've taken probably 11, or 12,000 pictures and they stopped making Polaroid Spectra films, I believe it was something in the chemical makeup of that specific type of film that allowed the spirit images to come through," he says.

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