A 'sticky' arm wrestling machine put up for sale has left internet users baffled.

The second-hand contraption, which features a mechanical arm attached to what appears to be a motor, was put up for sale on Facebook for just £20.

The description read: "Bit sticky but good working order."

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The snap also showed the arm of the machine making what looked like a fist.

The unusual item was placed next to a wooden chair and perched atop two grey buckets for support, presumably to show would-be home wrestlers how to set up their new gear.

But after Redditors got ahold of the sales advert they couldn't help but notice the bizarre machine may have been used for more vulgar purposes than suggested.

Posting to the r/CasualUK thread, one poster shared a screenshot of the item, captioning it: "I'm not sure what this arm wrestling machine is supposed to be used for, but I think I'm going to enjoy it."

Other users were quick to agree, with chiming in: "That’s exactly what you w*nk.. I mean want."

A second sarcastically added: "Bit sticky….from all the sweat and stuff, I assume."

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Meanwhile, an eager potential buyer added: "Do we get to test it before we buy?"

"I can't believe you lot fell for it. It's not an 'arm wrestling machine', it's CLEARLY a machine to mix up your Huel protein shakes for you… i dunno, some people are easily fooled," another joked before fetching the response: "Whatever happens there will be a protein shake."

This isn't the first time hopeful sellers have tried to flog strange items online – one social media user was savaged for attempting to sell a flooded speedboat full of holes for an eye-watering £1,500.

The advert was posted to the social media group Uninspiring Adverts and featured two photographs of the tragic vessel, reported to be a "2022 Toyota".

The post quickly gained traction, with more than 200 people liking the less-than-appealing photos and others commenting.

"I'm no boating expert but that waterline looks a little high," said one bloke.

Another chimed in: "*disclaimer* does not operate as a submarine."

"Don't they usually take these photos when the tide is out?" another joked.

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